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FAQ for Charting Companion 7

Whether you're hearing about Charting Companion for the first time, or have used a previous edition, you may have questions about the new Charting Companion 7.

Q: What are the new features of Charting Companion 7?

A: Here's a quick list - you can click on the names of the new charts below to open a page with more detail:

  • DNA Matrix: Display your DNA tests results in a clear and easy to understand chart. See if your family tree is true!
  • DNA Simulation: Find where lost members of your family fit in the tree. Automatically place adoptees.
  • DNA Matches: Manage your DNA contacts. Group them by family tree branch to make your research easier.
  • Round rectangle corners.
  • Background images for charts.


Q: Will my license key for Charting Companion 6 work with CC7?

A: Charting Companion 7 is a new edition of the plugin with its own license key, now available for purchase.  The license key for CC6 does not upgrade automatically for use in CC7.


Q: I already have Charting Companion 6, do I need to upgrade to CC7?

A: The main reason to upgrade would be if you are interested in the new DNA charts that are featured in Charting Companion 7 - otherwise, if you're happily using CC6 now, you can continue to do so.


Q: If I upgrade to Charting Companion 7 from CC6, do I need to uninstall CC6 first?

A: While Charting Companion 7 can be installed on top of CC6, to avoid the small chance of encountering an issue, it's best to uninstall CC6 first.


Q: If I upgrade to Charting Companion 7, will it affect any of the charts I've saved from CC6?

A: Charting Companion does not keep working copies of your charts - when you've finished creating them, you export them to files on your computer such as .jpg or .pdf.  As such, none of your saved charts from CC6 would be affected by installing CC7.


Q: I've heard there’s a free update available for FTM 2017, which version of Charting Companion will be compatible?

A: Good news!  The latest version of Charting Companion 7 is compatible with our free update.  You can check by opening Charting Companion in FTM 2017, going to the Help menu and clicking on About Charting Companion.  If you discover that you need to update, you can download the updated version using this link.


Q: What are the minimum system requirements for Charting Companion 7?

A: Charting Companion 7 is compatible with FTM 2017 on Windows Vista, 7, 8 and 10 (32- and 64-bit).  It is also compatible with earlier versions of Family Tree Maker - click here to see the full list.


Q: Where can I purchase Charting Companion 7?

A: Charting Companion 7 is available for purchase on familytreemaker.com in the Family Tree Maker Gift Collection - go to our site and you'll see a banner you can click on to get to the Gift Collection.


Q: Is there a demo or free trial of Charting Companion 7?

A: Yes!  You can click here to sign up for a free evaluation copy.  Please note that you can use the demo version for 15 days, after which a license key is required to continue using the plugin.


Q: How can I submit feedback or feature requests for Charting Companion?

A: If you'd like to share your experience with Charting Companion or thoughts on what more you'd like to see from the plugin, click here for our feedback submission form.

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