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Family Tree Maker FAQ

How do I get a Software MacKiev edition of Family Tree Maker? 

New users can purchase and download the latest edition of Family Tree Maker, 2014.1 for Windows and Family Tree Maker Mac 3.1 from Software MacKiev's Web store. Additionally, users of FTM 2012 or Mac 2 or older, can receive a discounted upgrade for $39.95. (Prices are for the US edition. Prices vary in local currency for the Canadian, UK, and Australian editions, and for shipping outside the US.)  Finally, users of Ancestry editions (FTM 2014 or Mac 3) should sign up for the Family Tree Maker mailing list (at www.familytreemaker.com) to make sure you are notified when any free updates are available.


Will the family tree I've created using an Ancestry edition open in a Software MacKiev edition? Will I still be able to sync and get shaky leaf hints?

Yes. Because Software MacKiev is not starting over with a brand new Family Tree Maker, but rather picking up where Ancestry left off, all of your FTM tree files will still open, and you will enjoy the same integration with Ancestry.com that you do now, including syncing with an Ancestry.com tree, Ancestry search, and shaky leaf hints.


Do I need to purchase a new Ancestry.com subscription to use the new Software MacKiev editions of Family Tree Maker? 

No, you do not need to purchase a new subscription to Ancestry.com. Your subscription and any future renewals will continue to be provided by and purchased from Ancestry.


What is happening with TreeSync®? I heard it was being discontinued.

That's correct. TreeSync will be discontinued on March 29th and will be replaced by new technology co-developed by Ancestry and Software MacKiev. The new technology, which we call FamilySync, has been incorporated into FTM 2017 which will be available at the end of March as well. So no need to worry. Syncing with your Ancestry tree, Ancestry hints and Ancestry search are all here to stay. For more about the transition to FTM 2017 go to support.familytreemaker.com and enter "FTM 2017" in the search field.


Will I be able to download my full tree from Ancestry.com?

Yes, if you have an Ancestry Member Tree, you can continue to download and permanently save your tree in Family Tree Maker on your computer, including any historical records and media attached to individuals in your tree. 


Will versions of Family Tree Maker be available in other languages?

Yes. We are currently reviewing the possibility of producing localized editions, for which we have had many requests. Click here to request that we make a particular new language edition.

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