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Family Tree Maker TreeSync FAQ

Can I download and sync my Ancestry tree to more than one computer?

Not yet. You may download your Ancestry tree to any computer that has Family Tree Maker installed; however, you can currently only have your Ancestry tree linked to Family Tree Maker on ONE computer. That will be changing soon. FTM 2017 will have new syncing technology we call FamilySync which will allow an Ancestry tree to sync with mlutiple computers running Family Tree Maker.

Can I sync only part of my tree?

No. You must sync your entire tree. If you only want part of your tree on Ancestry, please click here for instructions on how to split your tree in Family Tree Maker. Once you have created a new file containing only the part of your tree that you wish to synchronize, you can upload that to Ancestry and link your new partial tree the same as you would any other tree.


Are there parts of my tree that do not sync?

Although most tree content transfers easily, there are a few exceptions. For more information on potential differences between linked trees on Ancestry and Family Tree Maker, please click here.


Does TreeSync work on a Mac?

Yes. Family Tree Maker for Mac 2 & 3 gives you the ability to use TreeSync on a Mac.


Who can see my tree when I upload it to Ancestry?

When you upload your tree you can make it private (only people you invite to your tree can see it) or public (all Ancestry subscribers can view your tree). In addition, if you choose to keep your tree private, you can keep your tree from appearing in Ancestry search indexes. More information on the privacy options available to you on Ancestry can be found by clicking here.


After I’ve uploaded and linked my tree, can I delete it at a later time if I decide I don’t want it online?

Yes, you can delete your online tree at any time and still retain the tree in your Family Tree Maker program.


I already use Family Tree Maker. Why would I want to use TreeSync to put my tree online?

With TreeSync you have the ability to take your tree anywhere and update, edit, and add to your tree any time you have an Internet connection. You can invite friends and family to view your tree and they won’t need either an Ancestry subscription or Family Tree Maker software. You can even invite them as editors of your tree, which makes sharing genealogical research easier than ever. Please click here for more information on inviting others to view your Ancestry family tree.


Can I create a report that shows all the changes that have been made to my tree before I sync those changes?

Yes. Before you sync, you can view and print a TreeSync Change Log that shows the names of the people, media items, and sources that you have added, changed or deleted within your tree either on Ancestry or in Family Tree Maker. More information on how to view and print a change log can be found by clicking here.


If I want to put my tree online do I have to keep it linked to my Family Tree Maker?

You can indeed upload your tree to Ancestry without linking it to Family Tree Maker. If you choose not to link, however, changes you make in the online version of your tree won’t be synced with your desktop tree.


I have private information in my tree that I don’t want to put online. Is there any way to hide this information?

Yes. Ancestry will automatically privatize information about living individuals and any notes you’ve entered. This can be viewed only by you and people you specifically invite to your tree. You can even take the further step of making your entire tree private if you wish not to share anything with other Ancestry members. More information on privacy settings on Ancestry can be found by clicking here.


Do I have to be a paid member to upload my tree to Ancestry?

No, family trees on Ancestry are free to create and maintain.


How long does it take to upload and sync a tree to Ancestry?

The first time you upload a tree to Ancestry it may take a while, especially if you have a lot of media items. However, after the initial upload, the syncing process takes much less time because only your changes are synced and not your entire tree. Due to the various internet connection speeds available we cannot estimate the length of your syncing time more precisely.


Can I merge my Ancestry tree with a tree I already have in Family Tree Maker?

You can if you are simply downloading your tree. More information on this process can be found by clicking here. Once you have merged the information from your Ancestry tree into your Family Tree Maker tree, you can upload this complete tree back to Ancestry and create a link between the two. You can’t link two existing trees, unfortunately. To create a link you will have to either upload a tree from Family Tree Maker to Ancestry, creating a new online tree with which you can sync. You can also download your Ancestry tree as a new tree file in Family Tree Maker and link the two together.


How do I download my Ancestry tree into Family Tree Maker?

To download your Ancestry Member Tree, simply open Family Tree Maker and click the Plan button at the top of the window. Click the New Tree tab and select “Download from Ancestry.” Click here for detailed instructions on how to do this.


What happens if someone is making changes to my tree online while I am making changes in Family Tree Maker when I have the two linked?

When you sync your trees, you will have the opportunity to view any conflicts between the two trees and accept or reject the changes. Make sure you have selected to view the Change Log each time you sync your tree if this is a situation you foresee happening (i.e. if you have others working on your Ancestry family tree as contributors or editors). For information on how to change your sync options click here.


I cannot edit my online tree. What happened?

If you cannot edit your synced online tree, it may be because the online tree is temporarily unavailable while the desktop and online trees are being synced. Please wait until your sync is finished in family tree maker to access your online tree.


I have another question about TreeSync that wasn’t answered in this article.

If you have more questions about TreeSync, linking your trees, or Family Tree Maker 2014.1, please feel free to contact our Tech Support

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