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Downloading a tree from Ancestry into Family Tree Maker

Downloading a tree from Ancestry into Family Tree Maker

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How do I download a tree from Ancestry into Family Tree Maker?

A new feature of Family Tree Maker is the ability to download your tree directly from Ancestry. You can then import this tree as a new file, or merge it with the tree you currently have in Family Tree Maker. Please note that by using this method of downloading a tree, you will be able to transfer all of your media along with your tree data, unlike a GEDCOM which is data only.

Note: these instructions are for downloading your tree only; if you have Family Tree Maker 2014 and wish to download and link your tree, please view this article instead: Using the new TreeSync feature in Family Tree Maker.

Downloading your tree in Family Tree Maker 2014

After opening Family Tree Maker:

  1. Click the Plan workspace from the top, and select the New Tree tab.


  2. Select the option Download a tree from Ancestry.


  3. Uncheck the Link to Ancestry box.
  4. A list with the tree(s) you have on Ancestry should now be displayed. Click the Export or Download button for the tree you want.
    • The Export button will be available if you have never downloaded your tree from Ancestry. By clicking it, your family tree will be prepared for downloading. Once the file has been prepared, a Download button will become available.
    • Download will show for trees you downloaded in the past but haven’t updated on Ancestry since the last time they were downloaded. Clicking it, the file will be downloaded immediately.
    • Image

  5. Once the file has been downloaded:
    • If this is the first file you’ve loaded to Family Tree Maker or if you don’t have a tree currently open, a Save tree as… window will appear, prompting you to save a file. Enter a file name if there isn’t one listed and click Save.
    • Image

    • If you already have a tree entered into Family Tree Maker and that tree is open, you will receive a small window asking if you want to import this file as a new tree or merge it with an existing one.
    • Image

  6. Your file will now be available in Family Tree Maker.
    • This file is a copy of the tree you have on Ancestry. Any new information added to this tree through Family Tree Maker will not be added to your tree on Ancestry. If you wish to synchronize your Family Tree Maker file with Ancestry, you will need to purchase Family Tree Maker 2014 and follow the instructions in this article on synchronization.
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