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Upload and Download without Linking in FTM Mac 3.1


Ancestry have made it possible for users of older Mac editions of Family Tree Maker to continue their research by keeping just about everything but sync, upload and download working. That's why Ancestry hints, search and merge still work and will continue to work in older Mac editions until FTM 2017 is officially released.

And now, if you are a user of FTM Mac 3.1 you can also for the time being:

Upload to Ancestry.  You can now upload a non-linked copy of your FTM tree, with media, to your Ancestry account. So if you've been waiting to post your latest tree for sharing with relatives or clients, or because you wanted to participate in AncestryDNA matching, well now you can do that too.

Download from AncestryYou can also now download a non-linked copy of your Ancestry tree with media to your Mac. So if you were concerned about having a backup copy on your computer, or just wanted to print out some charts for a family reunion, now you can. If you are feeling really ambitious, you could merge the downloaded tree with your FTM tree and have the equivalent of syncing.

About Maintaining Links. While the instructions in this article result in the creation of non-linked trees, the links, if any, associated with your original FTM and Ancestry trees, will not be altered and will appear intact when opened in FTM 2017.

Other editions. FTM for Mac 2 users can download a tree without linking, but uploading a tree without linking requires upgrading to FTM 3.1.

NOTE: This functionality has been added only to assist users with their research while waiting for FTM 2017. After FTM 2017 is released, this functionality will no longer work in older editions.


Uploading a Tree to Ancestry without Linking

1.  In FTM Mac 3.1, open the tree you want to upload and make sure you are logged in to Ancestry.

2.  Click the Ancestry icon in the upper right corner of any workspace, and then select Upload to Ancestry.


3.  In the Upload To Ancestry window that appears, select the Upload without linking checkbox in the bottom part of the window, then click OK.


4.  In the following “Upload To Ancestry” dialog, select which individuals, facts, notes, and media you want to upload.

  • Privatize Living People will change the name of anyone considered by the software as living to "Living" surname. Facts and Shared Facts for living individuals are also not exported. However, Ancestry.com automatically privatizes living people for you.
  • Include private facts uploads all facts. Private facts are not private on Ancestry.com. They are treated as regular facts. Privacy is handled by privatizing the tree file itself. You will be given this option when you upload your file to Ancestry.com
  • Include private notes uploads all notes. Notes are always treated as private on Ancestry.com, and can only be viewed by the owner of the tree and those invited as Editors.
  • Files uploaded to Ancestry.com this way have a limit of 1GB. Media files, such as photos, can add a lot of weight to a file. If you are having a hard time uploading your file, try un-checking Include media files.
  • Include private media files uploads any media items you have marked as private.


5.  Click OK, then wait until the upload is completed.

6.  A browser window will open to "Upload a Family Tree".  Give your new Ancestry tree a name and an optional description, and choose whether you want your tree to be publicly visible.  Check the box to accept the Submission Agreement, click Upload, and you're done!

  • Tree Name is a required field. Please type in a name for your tree. It would be best to name your tree using only alpha-numerical characters. Using other characters such as slashes and commas can cause issues loading your tree.
  • Allow others to see my tree as a public member tree allows you to adjust the privacy of your tree. By default, this box is checked, which means your tree will be a Public tree. If you want your tree to be private, please un-check this box.
  • Description allows you to type in a description for your tree. This isn't a required field.
  • The checkbox labeled I accept the Submission Agreement is required to be checked. If you would like to read the Submission agreement, you can click on it to view that, or also view that by clicking here.



Downloading a Tree to Family Tree Maker without Linking

1.  Open FTM Mac 3.1 and make sure you are logged in to Ancestry.

2.  Open the New Tree tab if it is not already open by selecting New from the File menu.  


3.  Click Download a Tree from Ancestry, then uncheck the box for Link to Ancestry.


4.  Find the tree you want to download in the list of Ancestry trees, then click the corresponding button in the Download column. 


5.  If the button says Download, click it to start the download process. If the button says Export, click it and and wait while your tree is processed for download, then click Download to Family Tree Maker to start the download.


6.  You may see an "Internet Connection Speed" dialog; if so, select your speed from the list and click Continue.  Your tree will begin to download. Wait until it is finished.

7.  If you had an FTM tree open in FTM Mac 3.1 when you started the download, you will see the "Import or Merge" dialog.  Click Import if you would like to save the downloaded tree as a new FTM tree, or Merge if you would like to merge it with the FTM tree that is open.  For more information about merging trees, click here. The rest of these instructions assume you click Import to create a new FTM tree from the download.


8.  Enter a name for the downloaded tree and click Save.


9.  After a short time the “Import Complete” information window appears and the tree is ready for you to use.


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