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Free Update 24.0.1 for FTM 2019

FTM 2019 - Update to Version 24.0.1

Version History
About the 24.0.1 Update
BEFORE You Update
Getting the Updater



  • OCT 2019 – Version 24.0  (Build 230) – Original Release
  • NOV 2019 – Version 24.0.1  (Build 252) – First Update



This free update patch for FTM 2019 installs important modifications developed together with our data source partners Ancestry and FamilySearch. 

Ancestry - Orange Status: The update eliminates the undesirable effects of syncing a second time after a failed sync that prompted us to go to orange status for five weeks. After installing the update, you can resume syncing as though the weather were already green again, even though that won’t happen for another few days.

FamilySearch: The update provides matching modifications to those made by FamilySearch that will, among other things, help us to avoid overwhelming their servers. Shortly after we go live with this update, FamilySearch will make matching changes on their side. After that, the update will be needed for FamilySearch features to work.



FTM 2019 users need this update if they:

  • Sync with Ancestry
  • Use any FamilySearch features 
  • Have a TreeVault Antenna tree



  1. Make sure FTM 2019 is installed. The updater will look for FTM 2019 version 24.0 (build 230) before running.
  2. Sync your trees. If you have been syncing successfully in FTM 2019, sync one more time before running the update.  If you're upgrading from FTM 2017 and have been waiting for green weather to sync, you can skip this step.
  3. Compact and Back up your trees. If you have not already done so, compact your trees (Tools<Compact File) and make manual backups (File>Backup, making sure the Media and Restore Sync boxes are checked). If you need detailed instructions for backing up your tree please click here.



There are a few ways to get the free 24.0.1 update:

  • Email notifications.  We recently sent out email update notifications to anyone who had already installed and registered FTM 2019, including information about the update and a link to the Update Center, where you can download it for free.
  • Sync weather report.  If you attempt to sync in FTM 2019 you will see a notification in the sync weather report window that includes a link to the Update Center.
  • Check for Updates.  We have turned on update notifications within FTM 2019 that appear when you manually check for updates from the Help menu (Windows) or application menu (Mac).

Follow the on-screen instructions in the Update Center all the way through to the end to get your free download links.  After downloading the updater, you will need to close FTM 2019 and run the updater itself.  Step-by-step instructions for picking up download links and running the updater can be found here:




Q: Will green weather appear as soon as I install the update?

A: You should experience normal sync weather conditions in FTM 2019 after applying the 24.0.1 update, which means you will see green weather when it is safe to sync.


Q: Will sync weather for both FTM 2017 and FTM 2019 go green at once?

A: No. Only FTM 2019 will be returning to normal sync weather conditions.  We have to complete a similar update for FTM 2017 users before they can have green weather and that will be at least a few weeks from now.


Q: How can it be orange for FTM 2017 and green for FTM 2019? Isn't the weather the same worldwide?

A: Weather overrides (like setting manually to orange as we are doing now) and also weather window messaging can be set separately for each build, allowing us the ability to provide custom messages for each situation.


Q: If I had a sync failure during orange weather in FTM 2019, is it okay to start syncing now?

A: You should first click here to read a support article about recovering from a sync failure during the recent orange sync weather before you resume synching:



Q: What about FTM 2017 users?

A: They will get a similar update in a few weeks.


Q: Do I need to sync in FTM 2017 before moving my trees to FTM 2019?

A: No. Now that syncing improvements have been made in FTM 2019 through the update, you should just back up your FTM 2017 trees and make your next sync on FTM 2019. 


Q: How can I tell if the update was successful?

A: Check that build 252 appears in the About box by selecting About Family Tree Maker from the Help menu (on Windows) or the Family Tree Maker 2019 menu (on Mac).


Q: After downloading, the About box still shows an older build.  What to do?

A: After you download the updater file, you still need to run it to update your copy of FTM 2019 to version 24.0.1.  If on screen instructions do not appear, try double-clicking the file you downloaded.


Q: I downloaded the updater but can't find it.  What should I be looking for?

A: Here are the file names and file sizes:


File name: FTM2019Updater01.exe
Size: 129.75 MB


File name: FTM2019Updater01.dmg
Size: 272.70 MB


Q: Not all my trees are listed in the Plan workspace after updating. What to do?

A: Open the trees that are not listed one by one to add them back again (File->Open).


Q:  Do I need to do anything to get Charting Companion 7 to work in FTM 2019 after the update?

A: Charting Companion 7 should continue to show up in Plugins as usual after applying the 24.0.1 update.  However, if you run into any problems, try reinstalling the plugin.  If you need additional troubleshooting help for Charting Companion 7 please click here.


Q: Do I need to do anything to get Family Book Creator to work in FTM 2019 after the update?

A: Family Book Creator should continue to show up in Plugins as usual after applying the 24.0.1 update.  However, if you run into any problems, try reinstalling the plugin.  If you need additional troubleshooting help for Family Book Creator please click here.



Q: Will my FTM 2019 24.0 files be converted again?

A: No. 24.0 and 24.0.1 are the same format so there's no conversion.


Q: What do I do if I run into issues with the 24.0.1 update?

A: If you have questions about the update that are not answered in this article, please come to Live Chat.  Agents are available 24/7 ready to assist you.  Click here for an article with a direct link to chat.

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