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FTM 2017 Companion Guide FAQ

On November 18, we announced in our newsletter and on Facebook that we will soon have a printed Companion Guide for Family Tree Maker 2017 available for purchase.  This article provides additional information and answers the most common questions we've heard.


Q: Where can I buy the printed Companion Guide for FTM 2017?

A: Currently it is only available through our web site, but we expect to have it available in other online genealogy book stores at a later date.  To order the Companion Guide, just visit www.familytreemaker.com, scroll down the page and click the Gift Collection link.

You can also click on your country of residence below to go to the Gift Collection directly:


Q: What can I expect for the Companion Guide itself?

A: The guide has more than 300 pages, printed on archival quality paper in a traditional paperback format with large print and in full color.


Q: Are there different Companion Guides available for the Windows and Mac versions of FTM 2017?

A: Yes, there are two separate versions of the Companion Guide, one for Windows and one for Mac.


Q: I've ordered the printed Companion Guide, when will I receive it?

A: We are starting production this week.  Expect to have it shipped in three to four weeks.


Q: How will I know when the Companion Guide will arrive?

A: You'll get a notification by email when it has shipped.  Also keep an eye on our web site and on social media for updates.


Q: I've heard there's a free update for FTM 2017 coming up soon.  Will this printed Companion Guide include everything that comes in that update?

A: Yes!  Included in the upcoming update is a change needed for FamilySearch connectivity, more reliable syncing, and improvements in color coding, tree backgrounds, and sync weather reporting - all of which are covered in the new Companion Guide.

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