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Free Update for FTM 2017 Users


There is a free update to version 23.1 of FTM 2017 available for both Windows and Mac users. This FAQ provides answers to what we expect will be common questions.


Official release of FTM 2017 - July 16, 2017 - version 23.0 (build 343)

FTM 2017 update - February 18, 2018 - version 23.1 (build 480)


Q: I've been using FTM 2017 without any problems.  Do I need to get the update?

A: If you're enjoying your experience with FTM 2017, have no problems syncing and don't use the color coding feature, you don't necessarily need to update at this time.  However, if you've run into any issues (including with sync) or use color coding (which has been enhanced in this update), we recommend that you update to the latest version.


Q: If I am a beta tester, do I need to get this update?

A: If you have already installed the 23.1 update (build 480), you're all set, no need to do anything more.  Please remember that the NDA is still in effect.  We will be sending out a notice to beta testers within the next few days with more information about the future of FTM testing.


Q: I purchased a Family Pack license to have FTM on 3 of my computers. Do I need to purchase the Family Pack license again in the Update Center?

A: No, you do not need to purchase the Family Pack again.  But you will have to run the updater on each computer you want to update.  We recommend that you download the updater once and then copy it to the other computers with a flash drive (instead of downloading three times).


Q: What's new in the free update?

A: The focus of this update is improved performance and stability, especially for syncing.  We have also put in enhancements for two of the most popular new features in FTM 2017 - color coding and the sync weather report system.  For details on what's included in this update, click here.


Q: Is there anything I should know or need to do before I update?

A: While we're confident that the update has been tested thoroughly and is safe, it's always a good practice to compact and back up your trees periodically, and we strongly recommend it before an update.  Simply make sure your trees are synced (if you've chosen to do so), start by compacting them (Tools>Compact File) and then manually back each one up (File>Backup, making sure the Media and Restore Sync boxes are checked).

If you need help compacting and backing up your trees, click here for Windows, or click here for Mac.


Q: How do I get the free updater?

A: Email notifications are going out to all owners of FTM 2017 with instructions on how to download the updater.  The emails are being sent in waves, so please be patient and watch for an email with the subject line "FAMILY TREE MAKER NEWS - Free Update Is Here".


Q: What do I do if I didn't receive the email notification?

A: Check your inbox and spam/junk folders first for an email with the subject "FAMILY TREE MAKER NEWS - Free Update is Here", and if you can't find it, please come to Live Chat.


Q: Are there step-by-step instructions on how to download and apply the update?

A: Click here for instructions that guide you through downloading and running the FTM 2017 updater.


Q: Will I get a notification for the update inside of FTM 2017, for example if I go to Check for Updates in the Help menu?

A: Because this is not a required mandatory update, we have not enabled in-program notifications for it.  For most users this update is optional, so we are sending notifications for the update by email to everyone with a registered purchase of FTM 2017.


Q: I downloaded the updater but nothing seemed to happen after the download completed, is there something more I need to do?

A: Yes, after you download the updater file, you need to run it for the necessary changes to be made to FTM 2017.


Q: I downloaded the updater but can't find it.  What should I be looking for?

A: Check your downloads folder for a file with the name and size shown below for your operating system:

File name for Windows FTM 2017 updater: FTM2017Update.exe
Size: 138,835,200 bytes (138.8 MB)


File name for Mac FTM 2017 updater: FTM2017Update.dmg
Size: 269,194,888 bytes (269.2 MB)


Q: Why is the Mac updater so much bigger than the Windows updater?

A: Windows and Mac versions of FTM 2017 have different requirements when it comes to updating the application. There are no differences in the update itself - the changes made will be the same regardless of whether you're using a Windows PC or a Mac.


Q: How can I tell if the update was successfully applied?

A: Just open FTM 2017, go to the Help menu, and check the About box for the version number.

Q: After applying the update, not all of my trees are listed in the Plan workspace, what should I do?

A: If there are trees on your computer that aren't showing in the list, simply open them one at a time to re-add them (File->Open).


Q: Will the PDF Companion Guide in the Help menu be getting an update too?

A: Yes, an updated PDF Companion Guide will be a part of the update for FTM 2017, matching the new printed Companion Guide that has just started to ship out to those who pre-ordered.  If you'd like more information about the printed Companion Guide, including how to order, click here.


Q: I’ve been using Charting Companion in FTM 2017, do I need to do anything to get it to work after the update?

A: After installing the FTM 2017 update, you will need to reinstall Charting Companion.  Simply close FTM after updating, then download and install the latest version of Charting Companion.  Click here for more information.


Q: Do I need to do anything to get Family Book Creator to work in FTM 2017 after the update?

A: Family Book Creator should continue to show up in Plugins as normal after applying the FTM 2017 update.  However, if you should run into any problems, start with reinstalling the plugin.  Click here for more information.


Q: What do I do if I run into issues with the update?

A: If you have questions about the update that are not answered in this article, please come to live chat to converse with us real-time.  We have agents available 24/7 ready to assist you - click here for an article with a direct link to chat and a chart with the best times to come in.

Couldn’t find the answer you needed? Click here for further assistance.