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Notification Email for FTM 2017

NOTE: This is a copy of the notification mail that went out to those who had pre-ordered FTM 2017 or were eligible for a free copy.


From: Family Tree Maker [mailto:ftm-news@mackiev.com]
Sent: Monday, July 17, 2017 6:50 PM


More than a year and a half in the making, FTM 2017 was officially released yesterday morning and we're mighty pleased to let you know your copy is now ready to download. If you also ordered a DVD or USB drive, those will follow in a couple of weeks. Here's an introduction to the new edition and instructions on how to get your copy.


We want to make sure that each new user of FTM 2017 gets off to a great start and that's what our new Co-Pilot Check In is all about. It's a chance for us to make sure things are going as expected. Two days after your first launch, we'll offer a brief diagnostic test that can tell us if you've had a great flight, or if there are some things we can start to address with you right away. It's free, fast and completely optional. Looking forward to checking in with you!



There really isn't much for you to do to get ready for FTM 2017. If you don't have a recent back up, then make one (File > Backup). That's about it. Installation is easy, and will place a copy of FTM 2017 on your computer without touching your current installation if you have one. If you are already running FTM 2014 or Mac 3 and later, your trees should already appear in the Plan area, and if they were linked before, they still should be. That's about it! If you get stuck head to our support center at support.familytreemaker.com.



You'll claim your copy from our online store where your FTM 2017 download will already be marked “PAID”. You'll pass by the optional extra items (from books to baseball caps). You will then reach the ordering pages where you'll click Order Now. Follow directions on the next couple of pages and the download links will appear on screen with a copy sent to your mail. That's it. Ready? Click here to get started. And if you get stuck, you can get step by step instructions here.


It's been quite an adventure getting our FTM 2017 ready for you. Three thousand beta testers pounded on it. A hundred thousand test drivers took it for a spin. And countless members of the Family Tree Maker community reached out to help us in so many ways large and small. So for all of you who had our back, who cheered us on, who gave us courage to stay the course, and who never stopped believing we could do this — we thank you.

No software is perfect and there are still challenges ahead, but now we know we won't be going it alone. And that makes all the difference. The best is yet to come. Stay tuned.

Jack Minsky
Software MacKiev


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