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FAQ for Charting Companion 6

This article is for Family Tree Maker users who have already purchased Charting Companion 6 and are looking for troubleshooting information.  If you're looking for information about the new Charting Companion 7, click here for a detailed FAQ.


Q: How do I install and activate Charting Companion 6?

A: Download and run the Charting Companion 6 installer from this web page - make sure to select the link that reads "Click to download earlier version 6".  Open FTM 2017, then go to the Tools menu, through Plugins to Export With Plugin, and click on Charting Companion.

You will be prompted to enter the serial number and registration key from the order confirmation email you received when you originally purchased the software.  Note that you should enter the serial number into the Name field (not your own name), and it has this format: SOFTWARE MACKIEV 3028-xxxx


Q: I’ve been using Charting Companion 6 in FTM 2014.1, how do I get it to work in FTM 2017?

A: Open Charting Companion in FTM 2014.1, go to the Help menu and click on About Charting Companion.  If the version number is 6.4, download and install the latest version 6.8.4 from this web page - make sure to select the link that reads "Click to download earlier version 6".  If you already have version 6.8.4, simply reinstall Charting Companion and it will be available in FTM 2017.


Q: Where can I go for more information?

A: Charting Companion has many helpful resources available within the plugin.  You can look through the FAQs, User Guides, and Help menus to find tips, tricks, examples and detailed how-to instructions.


Q: How can I submit feedback or feature requests for Charting Companion?

A: If you'd like to share your experience with Charting Companion or thoughts on what more you'd like to see from the plugin, click here for our feedback submission form.

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