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Ancestry Issues and FTM 2017

Recently we have received reports from customers experiencing difficulties when using features in FTM 2017 that connect with Ancestry.  The following notice posted by Ancestry gives more context:

Some users have recently been experiencing technical issues when using Ancestry.com. We’re currently undertaking a series of planned system enhancements that may result in intermittent site issues through Thursday, May 31, 2018. Once complete, they will improve site performance and enable more records, more hints, and more connections, making the platform even more valuable for our community. Please know that your data is safe with us. All the work you have done on your trees will be preserved even if you are experiencing some difficulties as the result of this upgrade. We appreciate how frustrating this has been and thank you very much for bearing with us during this period.


These FTM 2017 features have the potential to be impacted by technical issues on Ancestry:

  • Ancestry Login
  • FamilySync
  • Ancestry Hints
  • Web Search, including browsing ancestry.com in the workspace

If you are having difficulty with any of these features, please contact live chat for troubleshooting.

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