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FIXED! - "Stuck" Ancestry Tree

APRIL 3, 2017 UPDATE: FIXED!  The "stuck" tree issue has been resolved by Ancestry engineers, and should no longer be happening to users.  If you run into a similar issue moving forward, please contact Family Tree Maker support to report it so we can work with you to investigate and resolve.



DESCRIPTION: We have had multiple reports of an Ancestry-side issue in which linked Ancestry Member Trees become inaccessible.  The user sees a message that "Family Tree Maker is Updating This Tree" which they are unable to dismiss because the "Cancel Update" link doesn't work.

POTENTIAL FIX: If you encounter this problem, first try opening Family Tree Maker and syncing the stuck tree, giving it as much time as it needs to completely finish.  After doing so, open your browser, navigate to the Ancestry synced tree, and check to see if the issue is resolved.  If not, Ancestry is able to repair individual "stuck" trees so that control is returned to the user.

NEXT STEPS: To help Ancestry reproduce this issue, it would be helpful for users to reconstruct what they were doing just before the issue appeared. Please send that information in an email with STUCK TREE in the subject line to familytreemaker@mackiev.com. Also include:

  • Your Ancestry username (or the email address associated with your Ancestry account)
  • A copy of the URL of the "stuck" tree (it may be easiest to just copy the URL from the address bar of your browser when viewing the "stuck" tree).

We will pass the information to Ancestry engineers who are trying to reproduce the problem, and return the tree back to your control.

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