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Sync Change Log Issue

Very Large Number of Changes Appear in the Sync Change Log

Description:  In mid-January 2017, a number of users reported seeing a very large number of changes they did not make in citations and sources appearing in their Sync Change Log window right before syncing, resulting in change logs that were many hundreds of pages long in some cases.

Cause:  This issue is due to Ancestry maintenance work on their data collections. See the "Ancestry Comments" box below for details.

Remedy: Just this once it's OK to ignore the large numbers, especially if you have just made a full backup with media as is recommended each time you sync. Only the changes you have actually made will appear in your tree.

Ancestry CommentsWe fixed some inconsistencies on the backend with citations, sources, and repositories. This affected citations that reference Ancestry collection data (records merged from Ancestry hints/searches). The side effect is that all persons linked to the fixed citations would be marked as changed. This will show in the FTM change log as changes to Persons, changes to Citations, changes or additions to Sources, and possibly an addition of a Repository. Even though the items have been marked as changed, no changes were made to tree data.


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