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Tree Hints Troubleshooting

Tree Hints Not Appearing


Ancestry.com Hints in some cases show zero tree matches where matches are expected, while still showing record hints.


Almost all of those that have reported being affected have non-synced trees (trees that are not synced to a tree on Ancestry.com). Both Mac and Windows editions have been affected as have both Ancestry and MacKiev editions.


As Ancestry online trees are being driven by increasingly sophisticated technology, the much older technology for providing hints on unsynced trees is increasingly in conflict with it.


Uploading and linking an unsynced tree fixes the problem, and tree hints reappear immediately in most cases. If they don't, they can be made to appear by changing the name of a single person in the tree for whom tree hints are expected and then changing it back again. This forces a refresh of the cache, allowing tree hints to populate again.



Q: Does the issue with Tree Hints affect all trees?

A: No. Only unsynced trees are affected-- that is, trees in Family Tree Maker that are not linked to a tree on Ancestry.com.

Q: Is the Tree Hint issue related to updating to a MacKiev edition?

A: No. The issue appears equally in both Ancestry and MacKiev editions.

Q: Can I keep my tree private if I post it on Ancestry.com and still get tree hints?

A: Yes. You can still get tree hints even if you make your entire Ancestry tree private.

Q: How can I find out more about keeping my tree private on Ancestry.com?

A: A thoughtful review by Ancestry can be found by clicking here.

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