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Support Story - Brandon

We are posting a series of articles with stories from our employees in Ukraine in their own words.  Below is one of those stories; if you'd like to read more, click here.



Since the beginning of full-scale Russian invasion on Feb 24, we were shocked to realize that Kyiv was also one of the targets. On the next day, we heard shooting in the nearby district and one of the Russian armoured vehicles managed to break through Kyiv's northern port. It was destroyed, and our defenders have made a secure shield around our city, which made me think it was relatively safe to stay. But as we were located in the northern part of Kyiv where occupants were trying to enter the nearby city outskirts, we began to worry.

Even though major forces hit and shelled a suburban area 20km from us, and remnants of missiles could reach the city in random places not very far from us, it was acceptable to stay. However, when I saw the results of 500kg air bombs hitting 9-storey houses in Borodianka (40 miles from Kyiv), which made people houses into debris, we decided to move into Camp Mackiev in the western part of Ukraine. So we were allowed to take our grandparents and together with my wife and mother we were evacuated on the company's bus to a beautiful place in the beginning of the Carpathian Mountains.

We were able to work and sleep without hearing alarms echoing through, but what is most important - my family was in safety. The war hasn’t ended, but Ukrainian Armed Forces have driven the enemy away from the Kyiv region, which let many people come back carefully and gradually to their homes. We aren’t an exception, as we belong to Kyiv and it is nice to get back to the roots. While there is still risk of hitting missiles, we think it is relatively safe here in Kyiv, compared to eastern and southern parts of Ukraine. Future can’t be predicted, but we believe in our army and that Ukraine will kick the occupants out of our country.



Hi, it's Brandon, and since 2022 April, we continue living in Kyiv, as it became safer here. I am glad that our company let us work further despite numerous black-outs, continued to support us, and we are able to support our Armed Forces. As for now I feel safe but understand what price our heroes are paying for defending Ukraine. When it comes to my family, it expanded a bit as we decided to take a puppy from liberated village (in April 2022), its great to take responsibility. 

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