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How can I import books into Family Tree Maker 2014?

How can I import books into Family Tree Maker 2014?

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You can import books that were created in Family Tree Maker 2006/16. However, because of changes in the format of books, charts, and reports, some book items may not be included or may look different or contain different data. Importing books can help you re-create and improve the book with updated reports and formats.
  1. From any workspace, click File then Import Books…


  2. A Backup prompt opens. Click Yes or No. If you choose Yes, the Backup dialog box opens and guides you through the process of backing up your tree before opening the Select file with books dialog box. If you choose No, Family Tree Maker opens the Select file with books dialog box without backing up your tree.Image
  3. Locate the .ftw file that includes the books that you want to import, then click OK.Image
  4. The book(s) from the old file will be added to the current family tree. A status dialog box opens and indicates the progress of the import. When it is finished, a dialog opens to indicate the number of books and book items that were imported. Click OK.Image
  5. The imported books are added to the Saved Books category in the Publish workspace.Image
    • Note: Family Tree Maker adds a text item that explains about importing books as the first item in each imported book. You should delete the item before you share or print the book.

    • Image

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