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Authentication with Server Failed

Authentication with Server Failed

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Why am I getting an Authentication with Server Failed error?

There are several possible reasons for a Authentication with Server error. Here are some steps that you can take to resolve this issue:

  1. Check the Date and Time and Time Zone of the computer. You can do this by double clicking on the time in the bottom right in the system tray. Make sure you do compare the month, day, time, and Time Zone (if you find the Time Zone wrong change that first then correct the date, then time). In Vista machines you should check the Date and Time in the Control Panel section as well since the System Tray and the Control Panel for all users may differ (a Vista bug).
  2. Check in the System Tray (where the time is located in the bottom right corner of your computer screen) for any icon that is associated with a 'Accelerator'. You need to completely turn these off before you try and register. Usually 9 out of 10 dialup providers have an accelerator and may be called by various different names. Regardless of the name they try to 'boost' the amount of data transferred from the Internet and your computer through compression techniques that do not work on secure connections like our registration server. If you can't find it you may want to call your Dialup Service Provider for assistance.
  3. In Internet Explorer check Internet Options / Connections / LAN Settings / and see if the Proxy Server is checked, if so uncheck it (Also if the Automatic check is check marked uncheck that).
  4. Generally speaking this issue is not caused by a Firewall in security however there are some security programs that do have cookie blocking capability as well and controls that may interfere with System Registry changes that our program has to make in order to register your product. Turning off any Security on the system temporarily can rule these type of issue's out (you do NOT have to uninstall the security to do this, just turn off the various monitoring features for a set period of time or reboot the computer after you register).

So to sum up the checks
  1. On all systems always check the Time, Date, and Zone to make sure they are correct.
  2. If it is a Dialup check for Accelerators (Earthlink, AOL, PeoplePC to name a few).
  3. If it is a DSL or Satellite (and some Dialups) check for any Proxy Server settings.
  4. If they use other than Internet Explorer check the settings for IE and set it as default to test if this is a browser connection issue. This is common with AOL, ATT/Yahoo browsers to name a few.
  5. Double check Security programs or Routers to see if they have any other cookie or registry checks that can be turned off.
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