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Workspaces/tabs in Family Tree Maker 2008-2014

Workspaces/tabs in Family Tree Maker 2008-2014

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What are the different Workspaces/tabs in Family Tree Maker 200-2014?
Family Tree Maker is divided into seven workspaces/tabs that allow you to divide your work into units. Each workspace has a central task that it focuses on:
Plan— Helps you organize, create, and import projects into Family Tree Maker. Once you have a project to work on, Plan shows you the status of your projects, the tasks that are left uncompleted, and the last person you were working on. It is the initial workspace each time you start up Family Tree Maker.

People— Helps you enter and manage all of the names and facts of the people and families in your family tree. This is the place where you will probably spend most of your time. It displays the Family view and Pedigree view and conveniently combines them with the Index, Notes, Sources, Edit Individual and a few more functions.

Places— Helps you locate the places associated with a person. Seeing the locations and viewing who spent their lives there can help lead you to breakthroughs.

Media— Helps you manage images, audio recordings, movies, documents, and more. You can easily view media by category, person, source, and other groupings. You can see what a media file is linked to and link it to other people or sources, or unlink it.

Sources— Helps you manage the sources associated with facts. You can quickly locate sources, view what they are connected to, remove connections, and edit citations, sources, and repositories quickly.

Publish— Lets you print or share charts and reports from a variety of templates. You can customize a chart or report according to your needs, including background images, colors, and fonts.

Web Search— If you have an Internet connection and Ancestry account, you can search the vast store of databases at Ancestry to find more information about the people in your tree. With an Internet connection you can also search other sites that are part of Ancestry or other independent genealogy sites.
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