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Merging Web Search Results into a Tree in FTM 2017 for Windows

How do I Merge Web Search Results into a Tree in Family Tree Maker 2017 for Windows?

  1. Access the Ancestry record that you want to merge into your tree.
  2. In the browser, click the individual search result you would like to merge into your tree. The information you currently have in your tree is listed in the Person from Your Tree section; the information available in the online record appears in the Search Result Detail section.
  3. Click Merge on the Facts tab. The Web Merge Wizard will launch.


  4. Use the buttons next to the facts in the two columns to determine how each fact will be added: :
    • To keep a fact and mark it as “preferred,” select the button next to the fact. The corresponding fact for the other individual will be added as an alternate fact unless you choose to discard it.
    • To remove a fact, click the arrow next to the Alternate heading and choose “Discard” from the drop-down list. This fact will not be added to your tree. Though you may choose to discard some facts for a person, it is usually a good idea to keep all facts in case they turn out to be relevant. If you discard a fact, you still have the option to add its source to your tree by clicking the Keep sources checkbox. 
  5. Click Next.
  6. Do one of these options:
    • If the individual you want to merge has parents, spouse(s), or children associated with the record, the Web Merge Wizard will ask you if you want to add the information found for the first additional family member. Continue with the next step.
    • If the individual does not have siblings or parents associated with this source, click the Next button to go to the Summary window and skip to step 10.
  7. Choose what you want to do with each family member. You can ignore the person, add the person as a new individual in your tree, or merge the person with an existing individual in your tree.
  8. Click Next and complete step 7 for every name in the record until all additional family members have been looked through. When you have made decisions for each family member, the Summary window opens.
  9. Verify your selections in the Summary window and click Merge Now. A message tells you when the Web Search result has been successfully merged into your tree.


  10. Click OK to close the message.
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