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Fixing Problems with Logging In to Ancestry and FamilySearch from FTM 2017 for Windows

If you cannot connect to your Ancestry and FamilySearch accounts from within FTM 2017 for Windows, this article is for you.

After checking that your usernames and passwords are entered correctly, if you still can't log in to Ancestry or FamilySearch through FTM, there are a few more things you can look into. Here we have gathered together the most common cases where login fails and provided a solution or workaround for each of them.
Case 1:
Your copy of Windows needs to be updated.
Make sure you have the latest Windows updates. To do that, please visit this page on the official Microsoft website and follow the steps for your version of Windows.

Case 2:
You are working with FTM 2017 in an office environment where Internet traffic is  monitored as part of the organization’s security policy.
In this case you should contact your organization’s technical support people directly for help with reconfiguring the monitoring system and bypassing the proxy servers so that all the features of FTM can be used successfully.
Case 3:
You are using Kaspersky antivirus software and have the "Encrypted connections scan" option set to the highest level (“Always”). 
Set the "Encrypted connections scan" option in your Kaspersky antivirus software to either "Scan encrypted connections upon request from protection components" (this is the default setting) or ""Do not scan encrypted connections”. For help with this, please consult the Kaspersky documentation for your version of the software. (You can find instructions for Kaspersky Internet Security 2019 on this webpage. The steps there may also be applicable for some other versions and products in the Kaspersky antivirus range.)

Case 4:
Your computer may have been infected by a virus.
Your computer should be scanned to check for viruses and treated if any are found using an up-to-date antivirus program. (If you use Kaspersky antivirus software, please keep in mind the specifics described in Case 3 above.)

Case 5:
There may be a problem with the Chromium Embedded Framework component of FTM 2017.
Family Tree Maker 2017 uses Chromium Embedded Framework (CEF) to enable the program’s built-in web browser to operate. The majority of users will never experience a problem with CEF but, as with any software, unexpected issues may occasionally occur. A problem with CEF or its cache is one possible cause of login issues, so if none of the four cases and solutions listed above are helpful in your situation, you should try clearing the CEF cache. Please follow these steps:

1. Close Family Tree Maker.
2. Press Windows key + R on your keyboard to open the Run dialog box.
3. Enter %localappdata% and then click OK. The AppData folder opens in a file management window.
4. Find The_Software_MacKiev_Comp folder and double-click it to open it, then find a folder labeled FTM.exe_StrongName_seih5jkxwe5jgqf34wadynpglkq344as and open that.
5. Right-click the CEF folder and click Delete on the context menu. This will empty the cache.
6. Close the file management window and open Family Tree Maker 2017.

Note: After clearing the CEF cache, if you were previously signed in to any websites from FTM you will need to sign in to them again. Also, some sites may seem slower at first because images and other content will need time to reload.

Once you have cleared the CEF cache, try again to log in to Ancestry or FamilySearch. If you are still unable to log in, please try reinstalling FTM 2017.

To reinstall Family Tree Maker 2017, follow these steps:

    1.    Uninstall Family Tree Maker 2017. For help with that, please click here.
    2.    Reinstall Family Tree Maker 2017 from your original installation media (downloaded installer, DVD, or USB Drive). Click here for installation instructions.
    3.    Open Family Tree Maker 2017 and check the version number (choose Help>About). If it is not version 23.2 (build 540), update it to that version. You can get help with updating by clicking here.

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