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Deleting a Group of Individuals in Family Tree Maker 2010-2017

How do I delete a group of individuals in Family Tree Maker 2010-2017?

Groups of individuals can quickly be removed from your tree in Family Tree Maker using charts in the Publish workspace.

Note: It is recommended that you back up your file before deleting a group of individuals. For instructions regarding backing up a file, please click here.

  1. With Family Tree Maker open to the People workspace and Tree tab, select a person from the index that is part of the group of individuals you want to remove from your tree. If the Index panel isn't visible you will need to expand the panel by clicking the black arrow Image below the Tree tab.
  2. Select Publish from the top and click the Collection tab if it's not already active.

  3. Select and generate the chart that will best display the group of individuals you want to delete. Note that the Relationship and Pedigree Charts are the only charts where you can't remove groups of individuals. Don’t worry if individuals you don’t want to delete also appear in the chart; you will use the selection tools to further refine your choices.

  4. Once the chart finishes generating, you can select specific individuals or groups to delete by right-clicking an individual’s name in the chart. The menu that appears lets you choose specific groups to include (e.g., ancestors, descendants, individuals of the same generation). If you want to select more than one specific individual instead of a predefined group, you can hold down Ctrl or Shift on your keyboard and click on the individuals in the chart instead. 
  5. After you have selected the group of individuals you want to delete, right-click one of the highlighted boxes, select Delete from File, then click Selected Persons from the menu that appears.

  6. The Delete Selected Persons window will appear, with the list of selected individuals displayed. Review this list and click OK to delete these individuals from your file. Another option is to click the Select button, which lets you use filter options to quickly add or remove selected individuals.

  7. In the warning message that appears, confirm the removal for this group of individuals by clicking yes.

  8. The group of individuals has now been removed from your file.
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