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Troubleshooting Charting Companion Registration

If you bought Charting Companion from Software MacKiev, you will receive an email that includes the following instructions:

How it works:
1. Install Charting Companion.
2. On the first startup of the application, enter the following Name and Registration Key when asked: "SOFTWARE MACKIEV 3030-XXXX" or "SMK3030-xxxxx", and "XXXXXX".*

*NOTE: these are examples, not actual codes

When prompted by Charting Companion after installation, this is the information you need to enter into the Product Registration window:

IMPORTANT: Do NOT enter your own name into the Name field.  Make sure to enter the code from your purchase email similar to "SOFTWARE MACKIEV 3030-XXXX" or "SMK3030-xxxxx" (without the quotes).

We recommend that you copy and paste exactly what is in the email.  Do not re-type any part of the information or add extra spaces before, within, or after the "SOFTWARE MACKIEV 3028-XXXX" or "SMK3030- xxxxx" code, and make sure you are including the SOFTWARE MACKIEV or SMK text.

If you enter the wrong information, you will see this message:

This message is a reminder that you must enter the "SOFTWARE MACKIEV 3030-XXXX" or "SMK3030- xxxxx" code into the Name field.  Replace the "XXXX" part with the exact code that was provided in the email and make sure to include the full SOFTWARE MACKIEV or SMK text.

If you are still unable to register Charting Companion after double-checking the code and entering it as shown in these instructions, please click here to come to live chat for assistance.

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