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Merging two files in Family Tree Maker for Mac

Merging two files in Family Tree Maker for Mac

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How do I merge two files in Family Tree Maker for Mac?

With the tree open you want to merge the other file to:

  1. Click the File menu and select Merge

  2. A window will appear asking if you want to backup your file. Before performing any major changes to your file, we always recommend creating a backup. Click the Backup button to make a backup, or click Cancel to continue without backing up. 

  3. After backing up your file or opting not to, use the Finder window to find and select the file you want to merge in and click Open

  4. Step 1 of the Merge Wizard should now open. Select the options you want for merging these files and click Next

  • Host file shows the location of the file you originally had open.
  • Import file displays the location of the file to be merged.
  • If you want to merge all individuals in the file into your tree, click Include all individuals.
  • If you want to choose specific individuals to merge into your tree, click Include only selected individuals. The Filter Individuals window will open, allowing you quickly select specific individuals, their ancestors and descendants.
  • Merge or append let’s you control how information will be added to your file by either merging matching individuals, or adding individuals without merging.
  • Under Advanced Options, you can adjust the Match Threshold. The match threshold specifies how similar two records must be before they are considered a match.

5.  The 2 files will now be compared and Step 2 of the Merge wizard will open. Select the desired options for flagged individuals, confirm merged individuals, and click Continue

  • Sort by let’s you choose how you want the list of Flagged, New, and Merged individuals on the left sorted/displayed.
  • Select Next goes to the next flagged individual (if applicable) for review.
  • Flagged individuals are those Family Tree Maker believes to be a match, but requires further assistance to merge. You can review the information from the host file, import file, and the merged results from the combination of the two.
  • Individuals under New are those that will be added to your file as new individuals.
  • Merged shows the list of people that were merged based on the comparison between the 2 files.
  • The Accept All Hosts... & Accept All Import buttons allow you to quickly set flagged individuals to keep the information associated with the Host (originally opened) or Import file, and Save the differences as alternate or discard the information altogether.
  • Merge As Indicated allows you to control fact by fact how information will be merged for the selected individual.
  • Accept Host Person & Accept Import Person let you quickly select all host or import information for the selected individual as preferred and then subsequently mark differences as alternate facts or discard differences.
  • When finished choosing how the flagged individual will be merged, marking the checkbox for Resolved allows you to continue to the next person and eventually merge the individuals.
  • Merge To Other Person allows you to choose from the list of people a better match for this merge.
  • Clicking Do Not Merge These People stops the merge for the selected individual.

6. Your files will now be merged, and information from the Import file will be copied to the Host file.


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