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TreeVault Account Info and FAQs

If you have questions about your TreeVault account and how to make changes to it, you've come to the right place.


Creating your TreeVault Account

Resetting your Password

Managing your TreeVault Subscription

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)



To get started with TreeVault Cloud Services, you just need to create a TreeVault account and then activate the services in Family Tree Maker.

  1. There are two ways to go about creating a TreeVault account. The first is to click the Get Account button on step 2 of the Family Tree Maker registration wizard, which appears when you open the application for the first time after installation. If you don't do it then, you can set up an account at any time by choosing Connect to TreeVault Cloud Services from the application menu and clicking the "Create Account" link in the dialog that appears. In both cases the Create Your TreeVault Account webpage will open in your default web browser.
  2. Enter your information in the fields. All fields are required. Important: Make sure the email address you enter is the same one you used to obtain your TreeVault subscription (when purchasing FTM 2019, for example). You can always change the email address later in TreeVault Account Manager.
  3. Click Create.
  4. In FTM 2019, click the TreeVault icon on the main toolbar or in the TreeVault Cloud Services panel on the Current Tree tab on the Plan workspace, and then click Log In.
  5. In the TreeVault Login window, enter the email address and password that you provided in step 1, and then click Log In.
  6. After completing these steps, your TreeVault account will be active and you will be logged in and ready to create your Antenna tree.



If you've forgotten your TreeVault password, no need to worry - there are easy-to-follow steps built right into FTM 2019.

  1. In FTM 2019, click the TreeVault icon on the main toolbar or in the TreeVault Cloud Services panel on the Current Tree tab on the Plan workspace, and then click Log In.
  2. In the TreeVault Login window, click on the Forgot password? link to the right of the password entry field.
  3. Now enter your TreeVault account email into the entry field then click Send Reset Email.
  4. Check your email inbox for an email with the subject TreeVault Cloud Services Recovery Link, then click the custom link in the email.
  5. A Change Password web page will open in your browser where you should enter your TreeVault account email then enter your new password (twice to confirm).  Click Save password, and you're all set.  You can now go back to the TreeVault Login in FTM 2019 and log in using your TreeVault account email and newly changed password.



There are two ways to access your TreeVault subscription information, where you can also upgrade, cancel, or change your payment method.

The quickest and easiest way to manage your TreeVault subscription is within FTM 2019 itself.  Simply click the TreeVault icon near the upper left corner, select Manage TreeVault Account... from the menu, then click the Subscription tab.

If for some reason you're unable to access your TreeVault subscription through FTM 2019, you can instead do so in a web browser following these steps:

  1. To access your TreeVault subscription in a web browser instead of in FTM 2019, first start by clicking here to go to FastSpring Account Management.
  2. You will see a field where you should enter the Email associated with your TreeVault account.  Type in your email address, then click Continue.
  3. This will send you an email with instructions to the account you entered into the field.  Please check your email to find those instructions.
  4. The email you receive contains a unique login link - click where it says Click here to manage your orders (in the email you received, NOT in this article).
  5. Clicking that log link will open your account in FastSpring.  Once there, click on the Subscriptions tab.
  6. Now you can see your current active subscription.  If you click the Manage button on the right, you will see the options to Update payment method and Cancel Subscription (see example below).



Q: I'm using a Mac and trying to purchase a TreeVault subscription through the Software MacKiev™ Orders and Downloads webpage, but when I click Order Now the webpage darkens and I'm unable to enter payment details. How can I complete my purchase?

A: This problem can occur on OS X 10.10, 10.11, and macOS 10.12 when using an incompatible web browser. We've written an article describing this in more detail, including download links for supported web browsers. Click here for Troubleshooting TreeVault Subscription Purchase Issue.


Q: I still have eight months left on my free trial for the base plan. How can I add media during those eight months?

A: In order to add media to your Antenna tree you need to purchase Media Plus subscription plan. Go to the TreeVault icon > Manage TreeVault Account... menu item > Subscription tab. Once you subscribe, the free trial will be canceled.


Q: After I've upgraded from a base plan to a Media Plus subscription, how can I make sure my media uploads for my existing Antenna tree?

A: In FTM 2019, click to open the TreeVault menu, then select the Include Media option.  From there follow the prompts on-screen to add media to your existing Antenna tree.


Q: Will TreeVault back up all of my media collection that is linked to the FTM Source tree or just the media stored inside my "treename" folder?

A: TreeVault backs up every single item in the media collection linked to your FTM Source tree (whether they are stored inside your "treename" folder or linked to your tree from any other place). It even backs up items that do not sync with Ancestry, such as voice recordings and video clips.


Q: I bought a BASE annual plan without media, but in 6 months will want to upgrade to a plan with Media. How can I do that and will I have a special upgrade price for the remaining part of original year?

A: In order to add media to your Antenna tree you need to purchase Media Plus subscription plan. Go to the TreeVault icon > Manage TreeVault Account... menu item > Subscription tab.  (or another option to get subscription is here - https://auth.mackiev.com/treevault/verify) . The cost of remaining 6 months of original year will be calculated based on the difference between the price of current and new subscription plan and taking into account number of days remaining till the end of original year.


Q: Can I switch to a plan without media if I already purchased a plan with media and my Antenna tree in TreeVault includes my media collection?

A: Yes, you can downgrade to a Base Plan. Follow these steps:
a) Make sure your FTM Source tree is on your computer. 
b) Delete your Antenna tree with media.
c) Change to Base Plan without media in the TreeVault Account Manager.
d) Create a new Antenna from your Source tree, but do not use the Include Media option.


Q: What happens to my antenna tree if I'm no longer subscribed to TreeVault?

A: In case you change your mind and decide to resubscribe, nothing happens to your antenna tree and it's kept safe for you.  However, you will no longer be able to update your antenna tree with any changes or do an Emergency Restore.  If you do not want us to retain the antenna tree for you, simply go to the TreeVault menu in FTM 2019, click Manage TreeVault Account, then click Delete Antenna Tree in the TreeVault Account Manager.

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