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Ancestry Services in Older Editions

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Back in March, we announced together with Ancestry the retirement of TreeSync® and its replacement with FamilySync. It was also announced that going forward, Ancestry connection services like sync, Ancestry hints, search and merge would be available only in FTM 2017.

When it became clear, however, that getting the new system ready was going to take longer than originally planned, Ancestry volunteered to temporarily keep all connection services other than sync running until the moment FTM 2017 was completed.

That moment arrived when FTM 2017 was officially released, and on July 17, 2017 Ancestry hints, search, merge and all other features that required an Ancestry connection were retired for older editions. These connection services are now available only in FTM 2017.


In all older versions Login to Ancestry is now permanently in the logged out state. Additionally, the application appears to be in offline mode and can no longer be switched to online mode using the File menu. Below is a list of Ancestry functionality that is no longer available in older editions:

        ANCESTRY SERVICES IN FTM 2017 (Retired in all older editions)

  • Sync
  • Download (from Ancestry,with and without linking)
  • Upload (to Ancestry, with and without linking)
  • Hints
  • Search (all functionality in the Web Search workspace)
  • Web Dashboard (Ancestry account info and links)
  • Maps (in the Places workspace)
  • Publish Online (MyCanvas)
  • Ancestry Academy (Video tutorials reached from the Help menu)
  • Check for Updates (other for Mac 3.1 which still works)


If you've been using an older edition of FTM, and you would like to resume using Ancestry connection services, you can do so immediately by purchasing a discounted upgrade to FTM 2017. To purchase the discounted upgrade or get more information, sign up for our mailing list at www.familytreemaker.com, and check the newsletter you will receive right after signing up.


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