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Ordering Printed Charts through Family ChartMasters

Often we have users ask what’s the best way to take the charts they’ve created using Family Tree Maker and have them printed to share at family reunions and events or give as special gifts.  For this reason, we’ve collaborated with Family ChartMasters, a family-owned business based in Utah.

With our easy-to-use built-in tools, you can take any chart from within FTM 2017 and prepare a file that you can use to order large format printing, on paper or a more durable material, up to sixteen feet long.

Here are steps to guide you through the process:

  1. The first step is to go to the Publish workspace, select which of the Charts you'd like to have printed, and get it ready for printing.  Take your time, make sure you've included everything you wanted, and go through the chart options to get things just right.

  2. Once the chart is ready, click Share in the upper-right corner, then click Order Large Print at Family ChartMasters.

  3. Click Export Chart to PDF in the window that opens.

  4. In the next window, you are shown PDF Export Options - you can change any of these, or simply leave them at default and click OK.

  5. The next window asks you where you would like to save the PDF.  Be careful to save the file where you can easily find it - you'll need to locate it again for step 8 below.
  6. After the PDF has been saved, you'll see a prompt asking if you want to open this file.  This is an excellent opportunity to preview the chart to make sure it's what you'd like to have printed.  If there's anything you'd like to change, go back to editing your chart, and start over at step 2 when it's ready for printing.

  7. Whether you choose to open the file to preview it or not, the next window indicates that your chart was successfully exported.  Click Go to Family ChartMasters to continue.  This will open their website in a new browser tab or window outside of Family Tree Maker.

  8. Once you're on the Family ChartMasters website, you'll be brought to an order form.  Start by clicking Upload File(s) and either drag the PDF you just saved into the window or click to navigate to the file and select it.

  9. Fill out the rest of the order form and click Continue.
  10. The next screen is where you enter payment information for your order.  Continue with the on-screen prompts until your order is complete.

If you need help on the Family ChartMasters site or have questions about their services or anything related to your order, please contact them directly from their website here: https://familychartmasters.com/about

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