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Troubleshooting TreeVault Subscription Purchase Issue

If you have macOS 10.14 or earlier installed and are attempting to purchase a TreeVault® subscription, you may run in to a known problem. If so, this article is for you.

Problem Description
With OS X 10.10–macOS 10.14, TreeVault subscriptions are purchased through the Software MacKiev™ Orders and Downloads webpage. When you click the Order Now button on that page, the Payment Details window should appear.

If the webpage darkens but the Payment Details window does not appear after you click Order Now, it means that the version of the web browser you are using is not supported by the purchasing system.

You need to get the latest compatible version of a supported web browser. You can do that and proceed with your purchase in just a few easy steps:
1. In the list below, find the version of the operating system you are using and choose any of the supported browsers listed under it. Click the browser version number to open a download page.  Download and install the browser or update (if you already have that browser) to get the latest version that’s compatible with your operating system.

OS X 10.10:
- Google Chrome (87.0.4280.88)

OS X 10.11:
- Google Chrome (100.0.4896.127)
- Opera (85.0.4341.60)

macOS 10.12:
- Google Chrome (100.0.4896.127)
- Opera (85.0.4341.60)
- Edge (100.0.1185.44)
- Mozilla (99.0.1)

macOS 10.13 and 10.14:
- Google Chrome (100.0.4951.64)
- Opera (90.0.4480.54)
- Mozilla (104.0)

2. Open the browser you have installed or updated and go to the TreeVault Subscription Center verification page using this link:

3. Enter the email address you use for your TreeVault account, and then click Verify User.

4. Follow the onscreen instructions to complete your purchase.

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