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TreeVault Cloud Services FAQ

With the introduction of the new TreeVault® Cloud Services, we've prepared this article to answer many of the most common questions you might have.


About Antenna Trees

Privacy and Sharing



Q: Does a TreeVault Antenna tree take the place of an Ancestry tree?

A: No, they're quite different.  Using the illustration below as a reference, you can see that with FamilySync®, you can sync an Ancestry tree with an FTM tree on one or more computers.  This can be useful for getting Ancestry hints within Family Tree Maker® and keeping your research up to date online, so you can share it easily with others and use it in conjunction with AncestryDNA.

With a TreeVault Antenna tree, you are uploading an exact copy of your FTM tree, including things that don't currently sync with Ancestry such as the Change Log and web links, for use with the TreeVault Cloud Services such as Emergency Tree® Restore and the FTM Connect app.  Where an Ancestry can serve as a way to recover a lost or damaged tree, it is not as complete as your TreeVault Antenna tree would be.


Q: Is TreeVault a cloud storage system like Dropbox?

A: No.  Generally speaking, cloud storage is as up-to-date as the last time you uploaded your files.  With TreeVault, your Antenna tree is up-to-the-minute, updating in realtime as you make changes to your Family Tree Maker tree.  As well, you can view your TreeVault Antenna tree on the free FTM Connect mobile app, and it includes the change log, so you can not only restore your tree, but also roll back changes to make corrections.


Q: I have two trees to back up but it appears I can only have my one main tree on my TreeVault Subscription. Can I add a second tree somehow, or do I need a second subscription and if so how do I do that?

A: You will need a second TreeVault account with a different email address and a separate subscription. We can set up a second TreeVault account if you make the request through live chat - click here to get started.



Q: How secure are the TreeVault Cloud Services and Antenna tree?

A: Similar to Ancestry, we use Amazon Web Services (AWS) for cloud storage, one of the leading and most secure providers on the market.  Rest assured that your family history data is private and protected.


Q: Who has access to my Antenna tree?

A: Only you are able to connect with and download an emergency copy of your Antenna tree.  On our end, we would only access your tree with your knowledge, such as if we were working with you on a technical issue.


Q: Can I share my Antenna tree with anyone?

A: Currently no; this is in our plans for a future update.  However, you can show others your Antenna tree in person using the FTM Connect app.  As an alternative, you can sync your FTM tree with Ancestry (completely separate from TreeVault), and share your Ancestry tree with others through their website.

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