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Getting Started with TreeVault Cloud Services

TreeVault® Cloud Services offer a wide choice of extremely useful tools that make working with your tree easier than ever.

Note: To start using TreeVault Cloud Services, you must first create a TreeVault account. Click here to learn how.


Work with a TreeVault Antenna tree

Getting started with TreeVault begins with a private, secure TreeVault Antenna tree that’s automatically updated with each change you make to your tree using FTM 2019 on your Mac or PC. You start by choosing one of your Family Tree Maker® trees — usually your most complete tree — to be your Source tree, and then upload its data to create a TreeVault Antenna tree. The Antenna tree is updated in real time whenever you make a change to your Source tree in FTM 2019. This means you have an up-to-date copy of your family history which you can recover if your hard disk crashes or some other catastrophe strikes, and the advantage of viewing your family tree any time and any place with the new FTM Connect app on your smartphone or tablet. More information about creating an Antenna tree can be found by clicking here.


TreeVault Emergency Tree® restore service

The TreeVault Emergency Tree restore service puts a copy of your TreeVault Antenna tree back on your computer — handy if your hard drive crashes or some other catastrophe strikes. To view more details on how to work with it, please click here.


Family Tree Maker Connect

FTM Connect is a FREE mobile app that displays your latest FTM 2019 tree anywhere, at any time, on an iPhone, iPad or Android device even when your computer is off.  It is handy for sharing your tree with relatives or for using your iPad or tablet as a second monitor with your continuously updated tree. For more details about this service, please click here.


Next of Kin® certificate

You can also create a Next of Kin certificate. This legally valid document can be included with a will, passing ownership of your TreeVault account to a designated successor so that they may recover your family tree and preserve your legacy. You can find out how to create a Next of Kin certificate by clicking here.


TreeVault Historical Weather®

TreeVault Historical Weather puts color in your family story with more than a billion historical weather records. With insights into the past, you can enrich your family history stories, adding detail to descriptions of events to get a feel for what life was like for your ancestors. For example:

  • Before: James Smith was born on March 4, 1923.
  • After: There was a cold driving rain on that windy morning of March 4, 1923, when James Smith was born.

Please click here to find out more about TreeVault Historical Weather.

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