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Sync Outages for FTM 2017

Since we resumed automatic weather reporting on June 9 (removing the steady orange state we’d set while Ancestry was conducting maintenance), we’ve been seeing green sync weather mixed with intermittent interruptions, which cause red sync weather and are followed by an hour of orange weather.

We are often asked why red sync weather happens.  We have monitoring points around the globe that tell us if there are any interruptions in the connection between FTM and Ancestry.  At even the smallest interruption, we go to red weather status and block sync activity for five minutes.  If there are no further interruptions, we go to orange weather status for one hour, then return to green.

There are many possible causes for interruptions in sync connectivity, nearly all of which are outside our control.  Our engineers work closely with Ancestry’s to analyze the interruptions and make improvements to the system to be more resilient against such interruptions.

As a best practice, we recommend that you always make a manual backup of your tree before syncing.  As well, if you haven’t updated to FTM 23.2 using the free updater we released in September, we strongly recommend it, as it includes some improvements to the sync system, including a weather badge in the main FTM window so you can easily check the sync weather status before you sync.

Helpful links:

  • FAQ - Return to Green Status - answers to common questions about sync weather since Ancestry maintenance concluded
  • Best Practices for Syncing in FTM 2017 - recommendations to ensure the best possible sync experience, including links to more information about backing up your trees and troubleshooting sync issues
  • Free Update for FTM 2017 Users - detailed information about the free update for FTM 2017, with links to the Update Center and instructions on how to download and apply the update
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