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Blended Families Setting in FTM 2017 for Windows and Mac

What is the Blended Families setting in Family Tree Maker 2017 for Windows and Mac?

The Blended Families setting can be found on the People workspace, in the Family tab. In the Family View section, underneath the pedigree view of your tree, you will see the Blended Families button. This setting combines children from all spouses of an individual, and shows them as a single group.

To turn this feature on, simply click the Blended Families button on the right-hand side of the Family view.


Blended Families includes the step-children, when applicable, of the primary person. Under the shared marriage facts, children from the spouses' other marriages are included with children produced by the focus marriage. The icons indicate the parentage of the children:

  • ImageIndicates the child shares both father and mother.
  • ImageIndicates a child of the father only.
  • ImageIndicates a child of the mother only.

Please note that when the Show Blended Families feature is active, you cannot sort the order of the children in the list. Regularly, the children of the current couple displayed in the family view are listed first, then the children of the father from other relationships second, and the children of the mother from other relationships last. To enable the ability to sort this list, click the Blended Families icon to turn it off, which will reactivate the up and down sort buttons for the current couple.

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