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Blank “Edit Search” Window in FTM 2017 Web Search

There are users who have been reporting an issue where they see a blank popup window when trying to edit a search after they’ve selected a specific category of records to search in.  This is a relatively new issue on the Ancestry side and is unrelated to the 23.2 release, affecting all builds including 23.0 and 23.1.

Our engineers are in communication with Ancestry as we work toward a solution for this issue.  The issue is more noticeable in 23.2 because the update includes fixes for issues with categories and subcategories not being displayed properly (click here for detail).  Now that categories are working correctly, this newer issue with “Edit Search” is much more visible.

While we hope to be able to resolve this issue soon, in the meantime we suggest using a workaround.  Rather than attempt to edit a search within a specific category of records, go back to “All Categories” and edit the search there – you can then click into a specific category of records in the search results if you wish.

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