Family Tree Maker 2017 was launched on July 16, 2017.  If you have questions about the release, you've come to the right place!



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Q: I'm new to Family Tree Maker, where do I find more information and how do I purchase?

A: To learn more about Family Tree Maker 2017, just go to www.familytreemaker.com, where you will find an overview of key features, an FAQ, and other helpful links.  If you haven't already, sign up for our newsletter by clicking the round blue NEWS button or the Mailing List link in the menu bar.  To purchase FTM 2017, click the link to the Store in the upper right corner of the page.


Q: I would like to upgrade to FTM 2017 but haven't received an email offer yet.  What should I do?

A: The offer is for those on the Family Tree Maker mailing list. Even if you have already done so, or if you're not sure if you're on it, sign up for our mailing list at www.familytreemaker.com - you'll get a copy of our latest newsletter right away, which includes information on upgrading from a previous edition of Family Tree Maker.


Q: How can I tell if I'm eligible for a free upgrade to FTM 2017?

A: It's simple. If you purchased a copy of MacKiev edition (FTM 2014.1 or Mac 3.1) for $29.95 or more then FTM 2017 is free. If you didn't, it's not. Note that buying the $10 CD, $14 USB or $20 Family Pack doesn't count. If you don't remember if you purchased a MacKiev edition, you can click here to go to the Upgrade Center.  Make sure that the email address you enter is the same one that you used when you purchased your MacKiev edition, and it will either guide you through getting download links or explain how to purchase, depending on if you are eligible.



Q: Why would I want to upgrade to FTM 2017 from my current version?

Here are some top reasons you may want to upgrade:

1. To sync with an Ancestry tree. (No other Family Tree Maker editions will).
2. To sync two or more Family Tree Maker trees with one Ancestry tree with FamilySync®.
3. To discover the crossed lines of your ancestors with color coding
4. To fix faded old photos with our new Photo Darkroom™ tools. 
5. To add a new free data source with FamilySearch integration.
6. To keep using Ancestry search and merge. (Older editions no longer will).

For more information about the new features, check out the articles on support.familytreemaker.com - just search for a feature by name or scroll down the list of top articles!


Q: Will FTM 2017 work on the same operating systems as FTM 2014?  Are there versions available for tablets and phones?

A: FTM 2017 is available for Windows PC and Mac, and we have updated system requirements for both. We do not currently have tablet or phone app versions available.

For PC, Windows 7 and later are fully supported, including Windows 10. FTM 2017 will not launch on Windows Vista or Windows XP. For Mac users, macOS 10.9 and later, including 10.14 Mojave are supported. FTM 2017 will no longer launch on mac OS 10.8 or earlier.



Q: Do I need to buy a DVD or USB version, or just the download?

A: The backup DVD and USB are optional add-ons and not strictly necessary - they're useful if you prefer to install from physical media, or to have on hand to easily reinstall if you need to.  The USB also contains utilities and instructions for transferring tree files, as well as free space for file transfer and/or storage.


Q: What is in the optional FTM 2017 USB drive?

A: The natural wood USB drive contains a Mac installer and a Windows installer of FTM 2017. It also contains 14 GB of storage which is handy for moving trees from one computer to another. And a complete set of conversion tools that would allow you to open literally every Family Tree Maker tree file ever created, all the way back to version 1.0 that came on floppy discs in 1989.


Q: I bought one of those wooden FTM flash drives with FTM 2014.1. Can I convert that to FTM 2017 somehow?

A: Yes. Just order the FTM 2017 download and you will be able to swap the new installer for the old one on the USB drive (or keep them both if you like, there’s plenty of room). We have a support article with step by step instructions on how to do that available here.


Q: I've previously purchased FTM 2017 and now I want to add a backup DVD, USB, or Family Pack, how do I do so?

A: When you go through the Upgrade Center to get download links for your order you are given the opportunity to add on a backup DVD, USB or Family Pack upgrade.  The price to add these items is the same as during the pre-sale - $10 for a backup DVD or $20 for a backup USB, plus $5.95 shipping and handling.  Click here to go to the Upgrade Center.



Q: How can I tell if I need to purchase a Family Pack Upgrade?

A: You need a Family Pack Upgrade only if a) there's more than one computer in your home, AND b) there's more than one Family Tree Maker user there. So for example, if you are the only Family Tree Maker user in your home, you can have Family Tree Maker on your PC desktop computer and your Mac laptop and will not need a Family Pack license. Note that platform doesn't matter now that the Mac and Windows editions are equivalent, and both a Mac and a Windows installer are included with all versions (including downloads, discs and USB drives).


Q: If I've already purchased a Family Pack Upgrade for a FTM 2014.1 or 3.1, do I need to buy it again for FTM 2017?

A: No. Family Pack Upgrades purchased for earlier MacKiev editions of Family Tree Maker (FTM 2014.1 and Mac 3.1) are valid for FTM 2017 too. That is, when you obtain a single license for FTM 2017, you don’t need to purchase a Family Pack extension for multiple users and computers.


Q: Are Charting Companion and Family Book Creator updated for FTM 2017?

A: Yes, both plugins have free updates available from their publishers now that FTM 2017 is released. Please note that these plugins only work with the Windows version so far, though we have implemented the same plug-in architecture on Mac and are working with our plugin publishers to make Mac editions available in the future. Click here for Charting Companion and click here for Family Book Creator.



Q: If I buy FTM 2017 do I need to download and install it right away?

A: You can download and install FTM 2017 any time you like.  So it's fine to download only when you are ready to install it, whenever that is, even if it's quite some time from now. If you wait so long that the link has expired, we will be happy to reset it for you.


Q: Do I need to have a previous version installed in order to upgrade to FTM 2017?

A: No. Each user will be getting a personalized installer link, installer and application that identifies them so having a previous edition installed will not be required.


Q: After download and installing FTM 2017, am I safe to remove my previous version?
A: We suggest leaving it installed for at least a few days while you're getting started with the new version.


Q: Should I do anything with my trees to prepare for FTM 2017?

A: We only recommend that you make a full back up (File>Backup) of your tree, which can be copied to an external disc drive or to a cloud storage provider like Dropbox. For detailed instructions on making a full backup, please click here for Windows or click here for Mac.


Q: How do I transfer my files into FTM 2017?

If you are upgrading to FTM 2017 from a MacKiev edition (FTM 2014.1 or 3.1), then you should see your list of trees in the Plan workspace when you first open the program.  Otherwise, you can Import an Existing Tree on the Plan workspace, or can go to File>Restore to open up a backup.

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