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Sync Weather Status for FTM 2017 and FTM 2019


We have good news for FTM 2019 users! We are ready to roll out the free 24.0.1 update that brings with it a return to normal sync weather conditions.



This free update patch for FTM 2019 installs important modifications developed together with our data source partners Ancestry and FamilySearch. 

Ancestry - Orange Status: The update eliminates the undesirable effects of syncing a second time after a failed sync that prompted us to go to orange status for five weeks. After installing the update, you can resume syncing as though the weather were already green again, even though that won’t happen for another few days. 

FamilySearch: The update provides matching modifications to those made by FamilySearch that will, among other things, help us to avoid overwhelming their servers. Shortly after we go live with this update, FamilySearch will make matching changes on their side. After that, the update will be needed for FamilySearch features to work.

Click here for more information about the 24.0.1 update.



Only FTM 2019 will be returning to normal sync weather conditions, after applying the free 24.0.1 update.  We are working hard to complete a similar update for FTM 2017 users so you too can get back to green weather, which will take at least a few more weeks.

If you have purchased FTM 2019 and have been waiting for green weather in FTM 2017 to sync before installing the new edition, there's no need to wait.  Simply compact and back up your trees in FTM 2017, download and install FTM 2019, then pick up where you left off in the new edition.  Any additions or changes you've made to your tree in FTM 2017 should sync just fine after opening your tree in FTM 2019.


Understanding Sync Weather

We are often asked why red sync weather happens.  We have monitoring points around the globe that tell us if there are any interruptions in the connection between FTM (2017 and 2019) and Ancestry.  At even the smallest interruption, we go to red weather status and block sync activity for five minutes.  If there are no further interruptions, we go to orange weather status for one hour, then return to green.

There are many possible causes for interruptions in sync connectivity, nearly all of which are outside our control.  Our engineers work closely with Ancestry’s to analyze the interruptions and make improvements to the system to be more resilient against such interruptions.

As a best practice, we recommend that you always make a manual backup of your tree before syncing.  As well, if you're using FTM 2017 and haven’t updated to FTM 23.3 using the free updater we released last year, we strongly recommend it, as it includes some improvements to the sync system, including a weather badge in the main FTM 2017 window so you can easily check the sync weather status before you sync.

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