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Guide to Replacing the FTM 2017 Mac Installer on the USB

A small number of Software MacKiev customers have reported an "invalid checksum" error when trying to install FTM 2017 on a Mac from the USB drive.  These instructions will help you to replace the damaged Mac installer on the USB with the downloadable installer.


1.  If you have not already downloaded FTM 2017, please do so using the download link in the order delivery email you received.  If you need a replacement download or can’t find the order delivery email, click here and follow the on-screen instructions until the end.  When you’re done you will see download links in your browser and receive them by email.

Make sure to save it to an easy-to-find location such as your desktop.  The installer file is named FTM2017Mac.dmg.

2.  Insert the FTM 2017 USB drive into your computer and open it to view its contents.

3.  Delete the FTM 2017 Mac Installer file from the USB drive.  Be careful not to delete any other files, such as any backups you may have stored there and the FTM File Transfer Kit folder.

4.  Copy the FTM2017Mac.dmg installer file from its download location onto the USB drive, and you’re done!  You can now use the FTM 2017 USB to install on another computer and to save and copy backups of your FTM trees.

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