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Guide to Updating the FTM 3.1 USB Drive to FTM 2017

Many Software MacKiev customers have purchased a backup USB drive for FTM 3.1, which is handy both for installing the software and for easily moving FTM trees to another computer.  This guide is intended to help you to update the FTM 3.1 USB drive with the downloadable version of FTM 2017.


1.  If you have not already downloaded FTM 2017, please do so.  Pay close attention to the location on your computer where the downloaded installer is saved - it may be best to save it to somewhere easy to find, such as your Desktop.  The installer file is named FTM2017Mac.dmg and has the following icon:

2.  Insert the FTM 3.1 USB drive into your computer and open it to view its contents.

3.  If you would like to keep a copy of FTM 3.1, you are welcome to leave the FTM 3.1 Installer file on your USB drive, or copy it to your computer instead.

4.  If you choose to delete the FTM 3.1 Installer file from the USB drive, be careful not to delete the 2GB Storage folder if you have used it to store backups of any of your trees, as well as the FTM File Transfer Kit folder.

5.  Copy the FTM2017Mac.dmg installer file from its download location onto the USB drive, and you’re done!

Now you can easily use the USB drive to install FTM 2017 on another computer, and use the additional storage space to save and copy backups of your FTM trees.

With the brand new FamilySync® technology, this is a great way to sync your tree on multiple computers, to ensure that your tree is always up to date.  After you've installed FTM 2017 and synced your tree on one computer, just make a backup of your synced FTM tree and copy it onto your USB drive, then you can use it to install FTM 2017 and restore the backup on another computer.  For instructions on how to back up your synced tree, click here.

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