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FTM 2017 Printed Companion Guide


How to Buy: To order the printed Companion Guide, visit www.familytreemaker.com and click the FTM Gift Collection link tile, or you can order a copy when you pick up the free FTM 2017 update.

Editions: We have made a total of four guides — Mac and Windows in US English and UK English. The UK English edition is shipped throughout Europe from our printer in London, and to Australia and New Zealand from our distribution center near Melbourne. The US English edition is shipped to everywhere else from Western Massachusetts.

About the Printed Edition: We're printing on archival quality paper in a format that's larger than past editions (6.5 x 8.5 inches), and with a high quality flat-edge paperback binding. The guide is in full color and runs 330 or so pages (slightly different length for Mac and Windows). 

Keeping up to Date
 Emails go out to purchasers on the day their copy is shipped. We have been posting updates here and on Facebook.

Questions? Please ask at Live Chat if you have questions about the Companion Guide (other than "when is my copy coming"?). Go to support.familytreemaker.com and enter "Live Chat" in the search field.



Q: How will I know if my copy has been shipped?
A: You will get an email when yours goes out.  For US and CA orders, your Companion Guide will be sent by regular USPS media mail and your email notification will contain tracking information.


Q: I received my shipping notification email, but why doesn't the tracking information show anything?

A: Tracking information will update online the day after it goes out.


Q: I'm not sure if I ordered a copy. How can I check?

A: When you placed your order, you should have received a confirmation email with "Shipment — FTM 2017 Companion Guide" in the subject line.


Q: Should I contact Live Chat to find out when my copy is expected to arrive?
A: Please try to resist contacting Live Chat about the guides until at least a week after receiving your shipping notification. We'd like to leave the lines open as much as we can for technical support questions.

Q: So does that mean the free update is available? 
A: Yes! All those who purchased a MacKiev edition have been notified by email. If you didn’t get an email, click here for more information.

Q: Are there big differences between the Windows and Mac editions?
A: Not really. The applications are very close in functionality now, so the biggest difference is that the Mac guide has all Mac screenshots and the Windows edition has all Windows screenshots. So if you have both platforms, you really could make do with one edition or the other just fine.

Q: Is this the same guide as the PDF in the Help menu?
A: Yes. It’s exactly the same one, but printed in book format. Many people find a book much handier than a PDF. That’s why we are printing one.


Q: There is a free update available for FTM 2017, do the printed and PDF Companion Guides match?
A: Both the printed Companion Guide and the PDF version that is included in the Help menu were updated to match changes that were made in the first free update (23.1) for FTM 2017.  No further updates have been made with the release of 23.2.

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