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Sync Change Log Issue - Media Items

UPDATE: The sync change log issue has been fixed in FTM 2017 version 23.2.  For more information about the update click here.


A general change has been made to increase the security of a user’s time with Ancestry, via the website or FTM.

Since this change, FTM 2017 users who have updated to version 23.1 (Windows only) may see a number of media items in their sync change log that show again each time they sync.

To correct this issue, we have created an FTM Media File Adjuster tool that modifies these files that do not sync so they no longer show in the sync change log erroneously.  Simply follow these steps:

1. Download the installer from this link.
2. Run the installer, which will place a shortcut on your desktop.
3. Double-click the FTM Media File Adjuster shortcut and follow the on-screen instructions.

NOTE: if you are adding new media files to your collection from within FTM and keep observing some of those media files in your Sync Change Log on each sync, just run the utility from your desktop again.

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