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Blank FamilySearch Results in FTM 2017

UPDATE: The issue with blank FamilySearch results has been fixed in FTM 2017 version 23.2.  For more information about the update click here.


We are receiving reports of an issue where clicking to see more detail about hint or search results from FamilySearch in the web search workspace in FTM 2017 brings up a blank page.  We believe it to affect all Windows users.

We have reproduced the issue, and are investigating further to discover its cause and identify a solution.

Please note that FamilySearch hints and searches should still be functioning as normal if you are viewing them in web search, and that the Merge Result Detail box in web search fills in with the appropriate detail that would be added to your tree through the merge.  You should be able to use the features as you normally would, with the exception of clicking an individual hint or search result to see more detail.

If you are searching the FamilySearch site directly and not getting any results, please search Records and avoid searching the Family Tree - Records searches should be functioning as normal.

If you are experiencing other difficulties related to FamilySearch, or are a Mac user with similar issues, please click here to come to live chat so we can investigate your case.

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